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Who are we? Simply we are runners. We spend a lot of our time every day Running, wearing out our shoes, running off our stress, and hopefully getting one step closer to our goals.

I Love running. Getting up early on weekends and catching that first breath of fresh cool air really gets me moving. It's a satisfying but tired feeling I get after my runs. 

Most of all I love the people

Of course there is all of the off the wall conversations that we have with our run buddies. If running shoes could talk that would be one hell of a talk show! Runners get really comfortable with the people we run with. Running tends to strip down barriers between individuals. Running breaks down our walls and helps us to be comfortable with ourselves and with others. Coaching is much of the same. 

Running is a community

A community where the miles strip away the false pretenses and outward appearances that we all carry around. Running strips all that away and you really get to know people in a personal way. We share suffering and we share it together. We also share the success and triumphs. Watching Runners overcome fear, insecurity, and doubt to achieve a goal they did not know they could achieve. That is the inspiration that I draw from when I am tired and weary and still have miles to go.

My father used to say " There is more than one way to skin a cat"

I believe there are many methods suited for everyone. I also believe ONE method is not suited for everyone. Our goal is to find the one that works for you. Running is a recipe. Some like sour, some like sweet, while others really like the salty stuff. It's not important what you like but it is important to find your own taste for running that suits you.

I have never met a runner that was relieved when life got in the way and they missed their run for the day

The flip side to that is almost every runner has had life throw a wrench into our daily routine forcing us to take drastic measures. Which usually means we find ourselves lacing up our shoes at 10:30 at night to try and squeeze in a few miles for the day. One of the biggest factors that gets missed when planning for your next big race  is the schedule and time that you have to commit to the plan to make it a success.  I want to help you find that delicate balance between family, work, and running. The training plan that is best suited for you is the one that you can complete day after day.  

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