Easy Pace

The Easy Run

One of the most overlooked runs during the week is the "easy" run.

People tend to get focused on their long runs, speed, and tempo runs during the week.  There is so much more to the "easy" miles in the week than just adding extra numbers to the mileage total for the week.  I have found that for the average runner they will get the most out of easy paces runs for the time spent. They build Aerobic fitness, help speed recovery, and teach patience and pacing.  That is if they are run correctly.

To0 often you will find that most runners are running too fast for their easy paced runs

Not quite slow enough to maximize aerobic fitness and not fast enough to work anaerobic development.  The easy paced runs will give you the base you need to get complete your other workouts to the best of your ability. don't rush them and slow down a bit and enjoy the ride.

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