Winter Running

Winter Running

 Running is one of the few sports that can be practiced year round.  

It's not always easy to get out the door moving on those cold and windy days.  Here are some tips to help keep you motivated, safe, and as dry as possible on your winter runs.

  • The right Gear:   
    • Insure that you have the right running gear for the temps you will be running in.  Tights, long sleeves, Hats, Beanies, and gloves. I always like to wear gloves if the temps are 50 degrees or below.  If it gets to warm they are very easily tucked into a pocket.  Wear moisture wicking socks, and shirts. Any material that touches the skin should be moisture wicking. 
  • Layer up:
    • Using layers makes it easier to adjust your temperature in case you begin to overheat on your run.  It also helps keeps your layers dry. When running in colder temps keeping dry is a priority.  
  • Adjust your Pace: 
    • Slowdown in snowy and icy conditions.  There is no workout that is worth getting injured and possibly keeping you out of training.  Adjust your pace and times according to the conditions. 
  • Be Safe:
    • If you can stay off the roads. Drivers have a hard enough time when the conditions are good.  Running in the roads when the conditions are bad increases the danger for both you and the drivers. Be smart and yield to traffic. Try to get your running in during daylight hours when the roads are bad. 
  • Have Fun:
    • Running in the cold air and snowy conditions is some of the best running you can do. There is nothing quite like running thru a fresh 12" of powder snow.  The lungs come alive in the cooler temps. And it just tends to make us feel bad ass running when everyone else is cuddled upside. 


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