7 Secrets of Morning Running 

1.Set your Alarm

  • An obvious but hard one.  For running in the morning set it and forget it.
  • Give yourself enough time to get dressed, warmup, and get on your run.
  • Leave enough time after the run to stretch, shower, and get ready for the day.

2.Get to bed early

  • Good sleep will make it easy for getting your morning run in.
  • Set an alarm reminding you to get to bed. Starting the habit is hard, once you’re in the habit it will be just as hard to break.
  • Re-set your sleeping habits.

 3.Lay out your gear

  • Laying your gear out will help you in two ways:
    • It enforces your goal of getting up for a run.
    • You’ll save time and get out the door quickly to start your run.

4.Wake up and out the door in 15 mins

  • Get up and out the door your brain figures out what’s going on.
  • There’s a lot of truth to that, don’t take enough time to think about reasons why you shouldn’t get up.

5.Run with a friend

  • Peer pressure is a great motivator.
  • Set a running schedule with a friend and keep each other on track.

 6.You will be tired do it anyway

  • Expect to be tired, you will be. Prepare yourself for that fact. You will not stay tired.
  • Once you're running you will forget about being tired.
  • When running in the morning your days seem more clear, sharp. It’s a feeling that you will look forward to.


  • When you run more in the morning it gets easier.
  • Stick with it, your body will adjust and you will have more time in your day.
  • Getting your run done early sets the tone for a good day.


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