5 tips for Running in Super Cold Weather

1. Layer up:

Wear extra pants and a jacket to do warm ups in, removing them before your run. 

2. What to Wear:

  •  Hat/gloves
  • Buff/scarf
  • leggings/tights/pants
  • Wear a pair of biker shorts under your tights/pants or a pair of running shorts over them. 
  • Long warm socks

3. Cover up:

Cover exposed skin with a thin layer of vaseline to keep it warm and protect it from wind burn. 


4. Protect your lungs:

While running use the buff or scarf to cover your mouth some while you breathe. This helps keep moisture in your lungs protecting them from aggravation.

 5. Slow your Pace:

Forget the speed, reps, or intervals. Slow your pace enjoy the run and get indoors as soon as your run is complete.

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